Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5 talking points about Janet Yellen

1.  Janet Yellen was born in Brooklyn, N.Y.

2. She attended Pembroke, the women’s college of Brown University, where she majored in economics.

3. Yellen earned her economics Ph.D. at Yale University.

4. In 1980, she joined the University of California at Berkeley’s Graduate Business School faculty in 1980.

5. President Bill Clinton appointed her to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in 1994.

6. Seeing her wisdom, President Clinton appointed Yellen to head the White House Council of Economic Advisors in 1997.

7. Interestingly, Yellen left the White House in less than two years to rejoin the Berkeley faculty. Her friends suggest the position was too competitive and political for her.

8. In 2004, the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank selected Yellen as president. She made it a center of macroeconomic research.

9. Janet Yellen will the first female Fed Chief in US History

10. Yellen married George Akerlof after only 6 months of dating.